The dog bowl that prevents hasty eating

2 deep nubs in front
  • For small races and after amiliarisation
  • For dogs who hastily gulp their food
Deep + high nub in front
  • For medium sized races and after familiarisation
  • For dogs who greedily gulp their food
2 high nubs in front  
  • For large races and after familiaritation
  • For dogs who gulp their food

Slow, thorough chewing from the    dog bowl can:

  • Reduce the intake of air during feeding; your dog will suffer less from flatulence.
  • Help avoid whole pieces of food to enter the digestion tract, which often leads to unpleasant gases or droppings.
  • Avoid vomiting caused by hasty eating.
  • Improve the dogs feeling of satiety by its chewing the food, and can help reduce the food intake.
  • Can support the breakdown of the nutrients in a positive way.
  • Can reduce indigestion.

    Helpful hints:

  • Familiarise your dog using its favourite food, or alternatively with titbits to the new, EAT-SLOWLY dog bowl.
  • Choose a quiet place, so that your dog can eat without being disturbed.
  • With large dogs, place the bowl slightly above the ground.
  • Initial reluctance to eating from the EAT-SLOWLY dog bowl should be silently ignored and the bowl still containing food removed after about 20 minutes. If your dog is really hungry at its next feeding time, it will eat.
  • The EAT-SLOWLY dog bowl is suitable for dry dog food - as well as for wet dog food.
  • Clean the dog bowl after every feed with hot water and a mild detergent. Scratching sponges, brushes or scouring agents harm the material.
  • After use, leave the bowl where it can’t be reached by your dog. The dog should not be able to play with the EAT-SLOWLY dog bowl.

The fixture ring can be attached to a wall, a stable cupboard or kennel fence.

You can also use EAT-SLOWLY standing free or you can place it in a dog bowl feeder; please always adjust the height to the size of the dog.

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